People are increasingly using filtered tap water as their main source of drinking water. Cleansui is the name to trust when it comes to water filtration.

Healthy Living

Healthy Living

Choose advanced technology that removes 99.99% of bacteria but leaves healthy minerals intact for optimal health benefits.

Econimic Benefit

Economic Benefit

Save money with our unique, long lasting Hollow Fibre Membrane technology.

Regularly replenish your drinking canister with bacteria free, healthy water and save instantly... no more costly disposable plastic bottles!

Awareness of Environment

Awareness of Environment

Become aware of your environment and contribute by not using disposable plastic bottles when it comes to drinking water.

Lovely Tasting

Lovely Tasting

Clean and tasty water, wherever you are, whenever you want by filtering tap water.

Enjoy a premium experience and regularly quench your thirst - the Cleansui way!


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